Initial Driver CPC Training

M W Logistics Training can take bookings for Initial Driver CPC Training.

If you have not yet passed your test for Category C1, C, D1 or D then you will be required to pass the 4 modules below to be a drive commercially. If you passed your test after 10th September 2009 you will also have to complete Initial CPC.

To become a driver and pass the Initial CPC part a new driver must pass the following 4 modules:

Module 1. Theory & Hazard Awareness Test

Module 2. Case Study Questions & Answers

Module 3. Practical Driving Test

Module 4. Practical Demonstration Test. The candidate will be asked questions relating to certain areas such as load restraints, and asked to demonstrate their knowledge for example using a ratchet strap to show the instructor how it works and how you would secure a load with it.

The below videos will explain all you need to know to gain your licence.

For any more information please get in touch with us via the contact us page and we will gladly advise you on what to do next.